Clearstream Eclipse Amplified Review 2019

ClearStream is a well-known brand in the TV antenna market. It has some really great product offering to its customers. One of their many products is the ClearStream Eclipse Amplified indoor TV antenna. This is the wireless TV antenna model currently available in the market. Though it is pricier but surely worth the money spent on the antenna.

ClearStream Eclipse claims that it is one of the best indoor TV antennas available in the market. Surely, the company has made it to be easiest in terms of installation. The main reason behind the quick installation process is the Sure Grip technology that has been utilized by the company. Due to this technology, the antenna snug is kept in place so as to ensure that signal is maintained without the worry about falling of the antenna

Due to the small and compact size of the antenna, it is quite lightweight. This makes it even easier to hang the antenna higher on the walls or near the window without the worry of it falling. Even though the process of installation is easier but you would need to play around with the placement. It is recommended to place the antenna at one particular location and then try scanning for channels. Yo would have to make a note of how many channels you are receiving versus how many you are supposed to receive. This trial and error process would need to be carried out couple of times to get the best possible location.

You can also make use of a 2-way splitter for using one antenna for more than one television unit. The splitter would basically allow the individual to split the coaxial cable into two thus allowing you to run the cable for each of the television.

The Eclipse covers a range of 50miles. After the testing process, we did find it to cover the given range but in ideal environment. Some users may expect smaller range if there are too many obstructions. Those users can achieve upto 30miles if the broadcast tower is too far away. There is also a 20dB amplifier which can further allow to expand the signal region. Hence this would enable t receive weaker signals as well.

There are a whole lot of channels you would be able to view. Some may receive around 12 or more channels whereas some others can receive 40+ channels. Few of the major broadcasting channels that can be received are, ABC, CBS, NBC and many others.

This antenna also comes along with a 12foot long coaxial cable hence it becomes easier to place the antenna in the desired location. Overall this makes for a great package when it comes to free television.

However, one of the cons of this antenna is that if you are not closer to the tower then probably the antenna would not be even able to reach the 50miles mark. Hence there would be a need to go in for the amp. For a lot of people, the Eclipse would work wonders and they can receive more number of channels than any other antenna models.