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MirrorCast Media Review 2019

Do you always prefer to have that one device which can take care of all streaming and sharing needs? Try the MirrorCast Media device that is easy in terms of usage and also has a great performance. All you would need is an HDMI port that should be available on the TV unit. There are a lot of claims by the company, but does it all hold true? Today, we would check if MirrorCast Media really stands up the expectations.

MirrorCast is not an antenna but it is something more than a streaming device. There is no compulsion to have a smart TV for sharing the content. You can mirror the phone content on to any device including Monitor, Projectors or any screen. Doesn’t it feel great to stream any of the apps such as, HBO, Netflix, Cravetv, Youtube and many more on to the big screen.

MirrorCast Media is compatible with all of the devices such as, tablets, laptops, computers, Android and Apple. This itself gives an unlimited option for the users to share their content. The setup of this device is quick and easy. Firstly, locate the HDMI port and then plug this device into that port.

The best part is there is no wastage of electricity since MirrorCast Media can run off of the power supply via the HDMI port. Once the connection is done, just sit back and enjoy watching any of your favourite movie or shows on the bigger screen.

You can stream and share any of the phone content. A compact and small device that can do a lot of things. It can also be carried easily during your travels. Hence, if you have a trek or a vacation planned then bring this device in good use.

There is a need to install an application onto your smartphone so as to be able to mirror the content. This shouldn’t be a big deal. However, for some, this app is known to have a malfunction wherein it can crash at any time. There are certain upgrades carried out on this app but still it is not completely perfect.

Fewer people have also complained that the streaming becomes slower in certain occasions. Even though it is a great device, it surely has some hiccups that cannot be avoided. MirrorCast Media has undergone a lot of changes since its initial launch. There are several versions of this app with upgradations.

This app is worth a try. You would not consider it an investment until you do not give it a try. It has the power to convert your home into a home theatre with impressive sound and picture quality. MirrorCast Media unlocks the potential to watch any content on a bigger screen. So that there is no more passing of the phone from one person to another or crowding around the phone. Everyone can watch the same content on the big screen together and enjoy it.

With the click of a button, you can unlock a whole new world of movies, shows, sports, games, music and much more.

ClearStream Micron XG Review 2019

ClearStream is a well-recognized brand in the indoor TV antenna market. They have manufactured some great TV antenna models. Among most of the ClearStream antennas, the Micron XG is a great pick. The ClearStream Eclipse is a well know antenna which has been a popular choice among most of the TV viewers.

ClearStream Micron XG covers a range of 50miles thus standing true to its promise of delivering maximum channels to its viewers. It is termed as a long range TV antenna that works well in suburbs region as well. Though you may find this device a bit bulkier than the others in the market but working is overall great.

Micron XG comes along with a 6foot long coaxial cable. This length is smaller than the other antennas hence you would need to position the antenna in an appropriate location. Many a times, due to the small length of the cable, the users had to shift their television sets to another part of the room so as to place the antenna near the direction of broadcasting tower.

By now, you all must be aware about the various factors that can affect the reception signals. The distance of the broadcasting tower, building materials, the tower range and if there are any obstructions. These factors can affect even the best of the antenna. Hence, to receive overall great reception, try to consider these factors and place the antenna accordingly.

Talking about the setup of the antenna, it is quite simple. All you would need to do is, just attach the cable to the antenna and the plug the other end in the input jack of the television unit. Once done, you are all set to scan for channels.

This antenna can be placed in two methods, either as a table top or it can be wall mounted.

  • There are a lot of people who would be placing the antenna closer to their TV due to short cable length. Hence it would look more like a router. Though this can be a great option for some, but for others it may not work especially when the broadcasting tower is located too far.
  • The wall mounting is a common method of placing an indoor antenna. This is also considered to be a better positioning since the antenna is placed higher to receive clear signal. Choose the right location on the wall and then mount the antenna. However, since it is a bulky antenna, it would stick out from the wall.

There are a lot of channels the users can view once the antenna setup is completed. You may find that there are a lot of stations made available in full HD format and that too absolutely free. Few of the major stations include, Fox, ABC, NBC, CW, PBS and others. There is also a 20dB amplifier attached to the antenna that can further expand the range.

For long range, this is considered to be a good product. However, it is costlier than the other models providing similar features. Apart from the pricing, this is a great product. Hence for cord cutters seeking free television, this is surely worth a try.