AirTV Player Review Is This All-in-One Solution the Real Deal.

Are you the latest entrant in cord cutting and wondering what next now? Are you tired of switching between two or more devices just to watch your favourite entertainment shows?

If this is something that sounds like you, then surely you need to read this post. We have heard a lot of cord cutters complain that, now they have got rid of cable and taken up various devices. But they are tired of switching between so many devices to watch their favourite shows. Surely there is a better way of doing this.

The one answer that we have for you all is, AirTV Player. Though we cannot count it as that one perfect device. But it surely has a lot of features to be liked about. You can also call it as an all-in-one solution box.

How about a personal streaming box that does exactly what you have in mind? Think of the AirTV Player as your personal streaming box wherein you can watch various streaming service and also Android TV. It also provides access to watch live TV from the local channels.

Just one simple and easy looking device can turn your room into an entertainment station providing multiple options to choose from. Apart from watching local news, sports, broadcasted channels it also provides access to movies, shows through the various streaming services.

You can also connect to Google Play just with a click of a button. It would open up a new world of games, apps and music. The best part is that AirTV player supports both 4K technology and also provides 1080p HD quality picture. There is a built-in remote finder just in case if you forgot where you have kept the remote. Also this device is compatible with various Android Bluetooth devices including headsets and headphones.

The best part about this device is its remote. The remote makes the entertainment watching process even more smoother. There are three cool looking buttons on it, Google, Sling and Netflix. Hence there is no need to fumble around clicking multiple options for navigating to Google or Sling. It can be all done with the click of a button.

You also get a voice activation speaker button. This makes it easier to command the AirTV on what to be shown next. The remote also has a two-way Bluetooth and the Android 6.0 compliance. With the Bluetooth functionality, you can control the sound system, the television and also the AirTV device. Isn’t this simply cool and easier. There is no need to store multiple remote and then keep on searching for the right one.

Each AirTV Player package comes along with an AirTV adapter, AirTV player, HDMI cable, AirTV remote and a USB extension cable. You just need to have a TV in place along with a good internet connection or an over-the-air antenna.

Overall, AirTV player has made life easier without the need to juggle with multiple devices and services. This simple looking device is a great addition to your home. It can also be gifted to your loved ones. The installation is easier with plug and play. On top of it, the remote further makes life easier.