Are you still thinking about cutting your cable bill? Tired of the ongoing rise in cable prices and looking for some other alternative? Watching free television may seem to be a difficult truth to believe but there is no lie about it. There are certain legal and also illegal way of watching free television.

We are here to look at the legal ways of watching free television without the need to pay any monthly rental. Today, we would be testing the Ultra HD antenna to see if it meets the claims or is it just a sham.

Ultra HD is an indoor antenna that covers a range of 30miles. The setup and installation of this antenna is quite easy and simple. Within seconds, you are done with the setup and can watch your favourite shows. With a 30miles range, it is a good standard in terms for a television antenna. If you need to get more channels, then there are signal boosters or amplifiers available in the market that can further extend the range.

ClearStream Eclipse Amplified

Range (miles)


Channels Received


ClearStream Micron XG

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Channels Received


The company’s claim that installation of the antenna would take seconds seems to be a bit exaggerated. Though you would be able to plug in the unit easily and quickly but there is a certain adjustment that needs to be carried out. There is a need to get the placement right so that you can view more number of channels. Hence overall, it took me 7 to 10mins to set everything in place.

Ultra HD antenna supports 1080p which means that few of the channels would be in HD format. You can receive crystal clear picture on your screen. This is an uncompressed format which you would not even receive through cable television.

Once the antenna is setup, you would be able to watch most of the local channels absolutely free of cost. So there are channels that show news, movies, television shows, classic shows and movies, live sports, cookery shows and much more. Isn’t this a lot to watch for free. Major broadcasting channels including, ABC, PBS, CW, Fox, and many more are also available through Ultra HD.

Overall Ultra HD is a great product that stands true to their claim. Though you may find that the shipping process is a bit slow. But Ultra HD antennas surely works and there is lot of transparency to it. For all those who are looking out for a good antenna model that can provide basic channels, then surely this model is for them. Get yourself this product and enjoy free television.

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